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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Felted Soaps

I have always had a draw towards natural fabric, so mixing the two soap and wool seemed a natural. Our local farmer provides us with all natural soft wool. Hand washing the wools allows it to retain all natural lanolin.
My first try at felting soaps I use a regular needle compared to a felt needle, lol as I can say that truly did not work out. As I began experimenting with the felting process and of course purchasing felt needles I came to love the experience.
Why spend hours felting soaps. One has to know the property of wool.
 Gentle on the skin
 Mildly exfoliates
 after showering use makes a great scrubby
use as a coaster
the uses are endless

The more I felt, the more I learn the process. Eliminating a few mistakes, I have been taking orders for felted soaps. Not that my artistic quality is so great but I am improving.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ramp Festival April 23,24

The Ramp Festival is getting closer.  All we need is a little weather cooperation. Check out their website at www.masondixonpart. net . We hope to see you all there.

Live musical performances throughout the weekend, and a plethora of local crafters, we'll have numerous exhibitors.  For a real spiritual lift, Sunday begins with an open air church service bright and early at 9AM, so pack the kids in the car, worship amidst our lovely surroundings, and spend the day.
Admission and parking is always free.

We Honor Our Military

If you're an active duty servicemember, or a U. S. military veteran, visit the Park booth and get a free Mason Dixon Dog. All you can eat. A whole meal on a bun. It's the least we can do.


Ramp festivals always last two days. Two whole days of fun and food, April 23th and 24th, from 10AM until 5PM each day. Arrive an hour early for the Sunday church service in the great out-of-doors. Come and shake off the winter doldrums and cabin fever with us!


For your listening and viewing pleasure, we present "Give Me Some," a music video by The Loose Change Band recorded in Erie, Pennsylvania. It's a song about spring and the edible goodness that are ramps. Click here.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Making Castile Soap

Trouble Shooting Castile Soap. I find making liquid soap to be a challenge, like baking I have noticed that the weather plays a part in how fast or slow the liquid soap gets the clear vaseline like stage.
Of course the oils used do make a difference in the finished product. Because I like to use argon and shea butter, I don't always ended up with the clearest soap. But never the less I do get a soap that is wonderful for the body as well as other household chores. I have also experiment with goats milk soap . It is a nice way of adding a little extra to moisturize the skin.
Not one for following recipes, I find that the experimenting with different ingredient is part of the fun of exploring soap making. In an almost magical way you see that Potassium sulfate can take a variety of oils and morph into a liquid soap that is amazing.
1. Potassium Sulfate is caustic. Safety and precautions should be taken.
2. Patience ...soap making is not always by the book so it may take  less or more time for soap to get to trace.
3. Thickening of soap has been an issue at times. Though there are various ways to thicken soap. I find that even a thin layer of soap has a thickening effect when used. I would rather keep to a natural base than begin to add to many chemicals or ingredients
4. I do love the feel of glycerin and so I do superfat with glycern as well various oils high in vitmanins and minerals.

Happy Easter!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Castille Soap

Welcome Everyone! We are working on great Castille soap. It should be ready for the farmers market in May of 2016. There are so many reasons that natural liquid soap is a must have. From great for the environment to wonderful for the skin. We super fat ours with Extra Olive oil and Argon oil to protect your skin and encourage a healthy complexion.
Liquid Soap in theory sounds easy, oil and potassium sulfate create a process in which the potassium turns oil into soap. After the process we add some of the finest oils that will soothe and compliment the skin. But as all of our products are made, hand mixed and blended to bring you a quality skin care that we hope you will add to your skin care regimen.
We are on working great essential oils and fragrance for our soap. If you have a favorite email us at and we will see what we can do to bring you your favorite fragrance.

We have new pump bottles this year in a great large 16 oz bottles. Don't forget Autumn for all the seasons of your life.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 at

Do we have some exciting projects going on for you. I want to again welcome Audrey Miller as she is now the graphic designer and sales rep for Autumn's Boutique at . We are are planning on a sensational re-grand opening for spring. Where you will find great new products and a fine line of Autumn's boutique cosmetics.
With Audrey's fine expertise and new  ideas she brings her youthful maturity to Autumn's  Autumn's Boutique has always been about all the seasons of a women's life. I hope you check out the hard work she is doing to make Autumn's better than ever.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Autumn's Boutique

We are booking some of favorite events for the year. We will be at Boalsburg for Memorial Day. It has been a tradition and we look forward to see the Queen of Memorial Day.
Working on some really cool soaps and facial and lotions well... all kinds of quality products with great ingredients.
We will also be at the " think pink event" pgh largest Pajama party in March.
Of course what would a year be with out the GFWC event. I look so forward to the state events, the women are some of the best I have ever met.
I want to thank everyone for making 2011 a great year. I am looking forward to a wonderful 2010.
Working on the Calendar and will post it as soon as possible.

The season beautiful season of Autumn for all the seasons of your life.

autumn's boutique LLC

Monday, January 30, 2012

Natural Treatments for Rosacea

I found that the best thing for Rosacea a skin condition that affects both men and women with an awful red irritation can be calmed by watching our diet. Plenty of water and , fruit and vegetables, will contribute to healthy skin inside and out. 
The best treatments I believe are quality oils such as emu with the addition of Aloe vera. Which is really good at calming down irritated skin.  Lavender in the combination with chamomile or other various essential oils such as  tea tree oil; eucalyptus; frankincense; sandalwood and cedar wood all seem to contribute to healthier skin. Green Tea has been known to help in aggravated cases of Rosacea
Natural food sources of vitamin B2 include nuts, green leafy vegetables, fish, legumes, whole grains and probiotic yogurt. As with any diet making sure you are getting adequate vitamin intake is important. What we put in our body is what we sweat out of it, important to read labels. Rosehip Oil: Strengthens broken and damaged capillaries and acts as an astringent to heal and reduce redness. We use Rose hip oil in which we grow in our toner to help clear skin.
Finding the right regimen for your skin type can at times be trying. But remember this putting good things in the body, brings good things out of the body.



Festival dates rib fest, mason dixon, rain day, avalon ,


Festival dates rib fest, mason dixon, rain day, avalon ,

This is not a complete list of events. We will add as the events are secured.

July 4th Monongahela Chamber of commerce Celebration
5pm till fireworks

July 18 th West Virginia Rib Festival

It's that time of year again! Come join us for a day of family-friendly fun at Mylan Park right outside of Morgantown, West Virginia!

The area's best rib cook-off with live entertainment, kids' activities, and great food! And it all benefits a great cause!

Saturday, July 18th, 2009
11:00am - 7:00pm

Mylan Park

Admissions: Adults:$5
Children 12 & under: FREE

June through October
Wednesday 5th Annual Farmers Market
American legion parking lot East Green street
Waynesburg Pa 3pm to 6 pm
Every wednedsay through fall
Art Blast on the Mon
Greensbor 10 am to 5 pm
Mary shine 724-943 4462

August 1st and 2nd Bruno Field in Sewickley twp Parks

August 22nd 23
Mason Dixon Park, Mt. Morris at 10 am

Rain day festival July 29 th

Waynesburg Pa
Star Trail City Duck festival
Details at a later date
August 1 st
Avalon Paw Paw West Virginia


August 7th 8th and 9th
Music and entertainment and a great all natural setting
September Labor Day Festival
West Moreland Park
September 6th and 7th
White covered bridge
Greene County Pa
September 19th and 20th
September 26th and 27
Arts in the Park
Ryerson Station
Greene County Pennsylvania
10 am till 6 Saturday
and Sunday from 10 am till 5pm

Cedar Creek Park, Bell Veron Route 51
Native American Pow Wow
10th and 11th of October

Ladies of the shriner 9am to 4pm
Syria Mosque The Pittsburgh Shriners 24 th of

Harvest Festival Greene county musuem
17 and 18 th of October
more information to follow
HillCrest Cristian Academy
November 7th
7 am to 3pm
South hills assembly Church
2725 Bethel Church Road
Bethel Park, Pa 15102

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